Air Emission Sampling

Point and area source air emission monitoring is often required in industry for such situations as:

  • Development applications (DA) and approvals from local and state planning departments

  • Environmental regulatory authority requirements as part of an existing environmental protection licence (EPL)

  • Proof of performance testing for commissioning of unit operations, such as boilers

  • Consent modifications for expansion or modifications of existing facilities

We at MJM Environmental can perform a large array of air emission sampling test parameters to industry and environmental authority standards. Our methods are listed and current at our Air Emissions Testing Services page.

MJM Environmental performs emission testing for over 30 industrial clients and local governments for a range of particulate and gaseous emissions.

MJM Environmental is also able to provide a full-service in-house consulting experience encompassing the emission testing and development applications, including:

  • Correspondence with local and state planning departments for licensing and modification requirements and approvals

  • Air Quality Impact Assessments (AQIA) and dispersion modelling

  • Development of Proof of Performance and Air Emission Testing programs

  • Odour monitoring and dispersion modelling

  • Odour treatment options assessments and design of odour treatment systems

  • Process engineering and optimisation advice for a range of processes