Scamander WTP Membrane Pre-Treatment Upgrade

TasWater is the provider of water and sewerage services throughout Tasmania and operates the drinking water supply system for the town of Scamander located on the east coast with a population of approximately 800.

The Scamander WTP membrane filtration system was commissioned in 2011 and after an initial period of operation by TasWater, was not able to consistently meet treated water quality and production requirements. It was identified that the membrane filtration system would require a pre-treatment upgrade in order to meet the plant’s production requirements.

The scope of works completed by MJM on this project included the following:

  • Detailed Membrane Plant Performance Review

  • Pre-Treatment Process Options Assessment

  • Concept Design of Pre-Treatment Upgrade

  • Full Scale Trial of Direct Coagulation

  • Prescriptive Design and Construct Contract Documentation

  • Tender Assessment and Detailed Review

  • Design and Construction Contract Management and Technical Engineering Services

MJM Environmental worked closely with TasWater to deliver the following outcomes for the project:

  • Selection of the most appropriate pre-treatment technology for the raw water quality and to match the existing membrane filtration plant configuration

  • Delivery of the pre-treatment infrastructure on time and on budget

  • Improving membrane filtration run times from 13 to 500 hours – 40 times improvement in performance

  • TasWater is able to consistently meet its production requirements at Scamander and has maximised the use of its existing assets